About b2,inc.

B-to-B? B-to-C? As our name denotes, we’ll help deliver your brand message to whichever targets best suit your business. Founded in 2006, we are a team of communications and design professionals who study renewable energy, sustainability, and active outdoor markets — and the channel players that serve them. We provide a full spectrum of public relations, marketing communications, and brand development services.

Our clan is streamlined, focused and nimble, and proud to serve the goals of doing excellent work, making a difference, and enjoying life in the process. Agency founder and principal Tim Braun provides senior-level strategy and account management for all clients. Long-term alliances with select specialists allow us to deliver quick and consistent results, without the bureaucracy and fees of the traditional (archaic) agency structure.We have offices in Basalt, CO and Steamboat Springs, CO. Although distance has little impact on our ability serve you, we’re geared up be at your doorstep like a next-door neighbor.

Our Creed:

  • How we live and how we work are very closely aligned. Good work and good relationships bring great satisfaction.
  • Art and emotion live in the same space. Our job, and what we excel at, is to use one to feed the other. When successful, amazing things happen.
  • Rich and relevant information is very important. Trustworthy intuition is more so.
  • Every agency in business plays the “we’re really strategic” card. We’re no exception. But we’ll spell it out for you:
    • Knowing your audiences as intimately as possible, and rooting out those that are hiding
    • Doing our homework, on our dime if necessary
    • knowing the best channels to connect with your key customers and prospects
    • Using your and our resources expeditiously
    • Not being afraid to roll the dice when appropriate
  • Our accountability will be evident.
  • Growing a healthy business is not only important for our families, but for our communities. We want to employ people who share our values and work with companies that do too.