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Why Are We Called b2,inc?



We consider the acronyms "b2c" and "b2b" to mean "Brand to Consumer" and "Brand to Business." But we also take it a few steps further by crafting communications strategies that connect your brand with all of the audiences valuable to the organization.

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Founded in 2006, b2,inc. is a cadre of communications and design savvy pros who study renewable energy, sustainability, and active outdoor markets and the platforms that serve them. Our mission is to help our clients most effectively communicate their brand story, actively engage current and potential customers, excite channel partners and influencers, and, most importantly, meet business objectives.


our creed

Art and emotion live in the same space. Our job is to use one to feed the other.

Rich and relevant data is vital. A seasoned intuition is more so.

Our accountability will be evident.

We strive to work with people and companies who share our values.

We employ our and your resources earnestly.

A healthy business is not only important for our families, but our communities.

Our clan is streamlined, focused and nimble, and proud to serve the goals of doing excellent work, making a difference, and enjoying the ride. Decades of experience serving these industries and long-term alliances with complementary specialists allow us to deliver quick and consistent results.

Yes, We’re Really Strategic. Every agency plays this card, and we're no exception. What WE mean by it is simple:

  • Understanding your market and your audiences as intimately as possible

  • Knowing the right channels to connect and engage

  • Fostering mutually beneficial relationships with media and channel partners

  • Doing our homework, on our dime if necessary

  • Not being afraid to roll the dice, when called for

Home base is Carbondale, Colo. Certainly, distance has little impact on our ability serve you, and we’re geared up be at your doorstep like we office next door.


Managing Partner

Tim Braun
Agency principal Tim Braun brings nearly two decades of combined marketing communications, brand management, media relations and public affairs experience to clients across a broad array of industries. He has held senior positions in corporate and agency settings, and has provided strategic guidance for many start-up and mature brands. Tim oversees the strategic initiatives, resources, workflows, and financial terms for b2,inc.

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